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Hi !!! Im Erin Ashley Yaeger. I am 17 years young. I am a little one :). && I am Amber Whittamore's best friend. So THAT MAKES ME 'COOL !!! loveyou! &&& Joey Byrom is the CUTEST boy in the world <3333
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I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!! :) <333 [Tuesday
November 22nd, 2005
3:48pm ]
well i am happier than i have ever been.. and the man that i love ask me to marry him.. and i said yes.. bc for some reason i had this gut feeling that told me that he was the one that i was going to spend the rest of my life with and that there was no one else that i would ever feel this way about. yeah some may say.. oh your making the biggest mistake of your life bc your so young and everything.. well guess what.. love makes you do crazy things.. and i am going to take my chance on this one.. no i'm not getting married tomorrow.. i am going to wait til i and him are done with college and settled.. i'm not that stupid.. but i hope that my friends and family will be happy for me.. and that they will support my decision..
*it hurts when i miss him..
*** but i love him more than he or anyone else will ever know..
**************I AM THE LUCKEST GIRL EVER*****************

new LJ [Saturday
October 29th, 2005
9:28am ]
hey ya'll! i'm not going to be updating anymore.. i have a new one.. if you want it call me... some of ya'll already do...


long time no update [Wednesday
October 19th, 2005
7:25pm ]
[ mood | crappy ]

well its been a freakin long time since i have updated..

anyways things here arent to bad.. i decided that i am staying here for the rest of the year.. but then i will be moving back.. yup yup!

so how is everyone there?.. good i hope..!

hey sweetie,
OMG! i miss you so much.. how is work and the life?.. still going good?.. boys in life yet..lol!(i know that you dont want any)i will talk to you later.. i'll call you when i get out of school on friday.. love ya sis!!!

hey gurlie,
i am so happy for you and Nick.. ya'll seem like you guys are doing really good together.. you deserve it all though... so how have you been?.. what have you been up to.. its been so long since i have talked to you... call me sometime.. 407-788-3653..

well i love you all.. well most of you!!


i am still with my baby.. and i love him so much..!!!

*ere bear*


September 17th, 2005
11:49am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i am at home right now and my baby is over spending this weekend with me.. i am so freakin happy... yup yup!!! he is the cutest thing when he sleeps!! awww!lol!

so my life is going good... nothing other than that going on.. just being same old same old me...


<33 ere bear!!

call me if you need me...


September 7th, 2005
7:14pm ]
[ mood | ditzy ]

wel i was in daytona this weekend and it was fun and yeah.. we did so much stuff.. yup yup! i am probably going to be going to mainlands homecoming this year with candy and christine and their dates.. and i'm going with my baby!!! i miss him alreday...

so how are you guys!!! how are things going in those complicated crazy lives of ya'lls!!!

i love you baby!
(robert spurgeon)

<33 ere bear


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